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Training Courses

Marian Warren offers nine professional training courses and field trips presented jointly with Mark Cooper of Sherwood GeoConsulting. The courses focus on structural geology and petroleum geoscience concepts, techniques and applications in different types of structurally complex hydrocarbon settings. These courses represent a collaborative effort between the presenters of more than a decade, to develop and deliver very high quality training for petroleum industry professionals. Together we have provided highly-acclaimed courses to geologists, geophysicists and engineers with industry experience ranging from less than one to thirty years. The list of courses is given below:

  • Applied Structural Geology
  • Seismic Interpretation of Structural Styles
  • Tectonics and Hydrocarbons in Extensional Basins: Classroom Course
  • Extensional Fault Systems and Hydrocarbons: Field Course
  • Extensional and Wrench Tectonics and Sedimentation: Field Course
  • Geological Analysis of Faulted and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration in Fold -Thrust Belts
  • Structures and Reservoirs of the “Undeformed” WCSB: Field Course
  • Play Fairway Analysis and Common Risk Segment Mapping

pdf icon download the Courses and Field Trips Brochure here